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Reduce oxidative stress to lower inflammation, reduce chronic pain and even slow aging!
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Prime Light Pro

The Prime light emits red and near-infrared energy at wavelengths that penetrate the body's tissues, leading to an increase in ATP energy production and circulation. This helps to reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress, which has been linked to inflammation, acute and chronic pain, and accelerated aging. Scientific research over the past two decades has demonstrated that oxidative stress is the primary cause of most chronic illnesses.

Various factors can contribute to oxidative stress, including exposure to environmental toxins such as: pesticides, household chemicals, and cleaning solutions, negative lifestyle choices such as poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and a history of infection or chronic illness.

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High-tech therapy

Prime Light's functionality

Over 500 double-blind, randomly controlled studies and 5,000 laboratory studies have been conducted to investigate the impact of PBMT. According to the prevailing view, PBMT is a technology that is dependent on the dose and can have significant benefits across various conditions.


Nerve pain
soft tissue healing
nerve regeneration
musculoskeletal pain
sleep disturbances
anxiety and depression
help improve joint mobility
enhance muscle performance
minimise soreness after physical activity
relax muscles and provide relief from muscle spasms

PRO Features

wavelengths (nm): 633, 660, 810, 850 & 940
Led rating: 100,000 hours
warranty: 3 years (extendable)
Irradiance: 129mw/cm2
control: panel and tablet
LED Quantity: 41,000
dimensions (mm): 2198, 1157 and 1079 LWH
power: 220V/240V Dedicated 30A Circuit Breaker
Certificate: CE, ISO, FDA

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alternative model

Prime light NEO

Both PRIME Light models are technologically advanced photobiomodulation systems designed for effective, safe, and convenient whole-body treatments. Both models are equipped with the latest features for everyday use, The Prime Light's modern design, high energy density and full body delivery experience make it an ideal choice for both businesses and individuals. The Prime Light is a perfect addition to physiotherapy clinics, gyms, sports clubs, spas, beauty clinics as well as private homes.

NEO Features

wavelengths (nm): 633, 810, 850 & 940
Led rating: 50,000 hours
warranty: 2 years (extendable)
Irradiance: 90mw/cm2
control: panel and tablet
LED Quantity: 26,000
dimensions (mm): 2140, 1140 and 889 LWH
power: 220V/240V Dedicated 30A Circuit Breaker
Certificate: CE, ISO, FDA

Paris and I at the Tattoo Removal Co are having great success with a wide variety of removals, with some amateur tattoos gone in three treatments! Thanks again for the prompt service and advice.

Grant Owers
Tattoo Removal Company

We found Eclipse Skin Technology Ltd to be very easy to work with in regards to updating our current laser (IPL) equipment and are really enjoying the new Eclipse Laser. We had previously been dealing with overseas companies,  and it has been a relief to know that help is only a call away, if required

Vicky Smith
Avana Dunedin
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